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Move the World.

Marquee Director

Freethink is a new media publisher telling stories from the frontiers of our rapidly-changing world. We report stories about the innovators, entrepreneurs, and activists who are thinking differently and making a difference.

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Position Overview

The Marquee Director is responsible for crafting compelling stories. The Director oversees the creative vision and execution of marquee videos -- short videos that employ a mix of original footage, on-camera hosts, voice-over, graphics, and text to make the story come to life. This includes working with Directors of Photography, editors, and designers to ensure all supporting visuals are interesting. This position will be the face of Freethink on set and sets the tone in developing trust with story subjects.


Must have at least 3 years experience working as a director, journalist, or editorial lead in television or online media.

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Proven history of directing impactful stories
  • Have a strong understanding of Freethink’s voice and approach
  • Research, develop, pitch, and produce stories within Freethink’s story parameters
  • Able to write scripts, perform voice-overs, and be an on-screen host
  • Own the vision and execution of marquee videos from pitch to publish
  • Communicating and collaborating with Freethink editorial and production team members
  • Consistently innovate on and experiment with storytelling within marquee videos
  • Manage multiple ongoing video projects
  • Willingness to do the “little things” to make sure stories come together
  • Be able to produce excellent work under tight deadlines
  • Maintain a positive attitude in the office and on shoots
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills to build trust and understanding with story subjects
  • Display a passion for documentary storytelling
  • Additional skill sets, such as shooting or editing, are preferred, but not required


To apply, please submit your resume and reel to