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Move the World.

Marquee Editor

About Freethink

Freethink is a new media publisher telling stories from the frontiers of our rapidly-changing world. We report stories about the innovators, entrepreneurs, and activists who are thinking differently and making a difference.

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Our core teams in New York City, Los Angeles, and DC are joined by a growing network of directors, editors, composers, designers, journalists, developers and more all around the world. Together, we’re building the kind of company we all want to work for: curious, experimental, and ambitious.

About the Role

The Marquee Editor is a full-time position responsible for editing Freethink’s biggest stories. Working with directors, they craft compelling and inspiring videos which get released on and across our social platforms. We are looking for someone who is passionate about documentary storytelling and capable of meticulously editing down hours of raw production material into a beautiful story that captures our audience’s attention through the credits.


Must have at least 3 years experience editing documentaries for television or online media companies.

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Must have professional-level experience with Premiere Pro
  • Proven history of editing impactful stories
  • Have a strong understanding of Freethink’s voice and approach
  • Execute creative editing and complex storytelling techniques efficiently
  • Produce excellent work under tight deadlines
  • Craft engaging sound design to elevate the story
  • Eager to take initiative on storytelling in post-production
  • Must display high-level knowledge of story structure
  • Work with Directors to carry out their vision
  • Coordinate with Post Supervisors to meet deadlines
  • Manage multiple ongoing projects
  • Must be highly organized with file and folder structures
  • Experience with creating titles in After Effects