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Move the World.

Motion Designer / Animator

Freethink is a new media publisher telling stories from the frontiers of our rapidly-changing world. We report stories about the innovators, entrepreneurs, and activists who are thinking differently and making a difference.

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Position Overview

Freethink is looking for a Motion Designer / Animator to join our growing video team and aid in the creation of animations for Freethink videos. The Motion Designer / Animator works with the video team to add compelling motion graphics, incorporating Freethink original footage, graphics, text, and other supporting elements to deliver a cohesive visual product for the Freethink audience.

The Motion Designer / Animator will work alongside a video editor to complement the piece by adding compelling, original motion graphics, while other times they would helm mograph-intensive edits themselves.

This is a full-time position.


Must have at least 4 years experience working as a motion designer and animator in television or online media production.

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Experience in motion design/animation with Adobe After Effects
  • Proficiency in Cinema 4D or equivalent 3D design programs
  • Knowledge and familiarity of Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Stop-motion, drawing, painting, and nearly any other creative skills is a plus
  • Create compelling and creative visuals consistent with Freethink's style
  • Create style and storyboards to guide the design process for videos
  • Collaborate with Directors to execute the vision for a piece
  • Consistently innovate on and experiment with design elements for videos
  • Ability to research stock and archival assets for use in animations
  • Manage multiple ongoing video projects
  • Have proven editing and design experience
  • Display a passion for storytelling
  • Knowledge of broader trends in motion design and what competitors are doing in video


To apply, please submit your resume and reel to [email protected].