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Move the World.


This is an incredible time to be alive. We’ve got flying cars and rockets to Mars, robot legs and bionic arms. We’re editing genes, reading minds and curing the blind. We’re growing meat in the lab and mining money on laptops. We’ve already connected over half the world in a giant global network, and we’re working on the other half.

But whereas other outlets get mired in cynicism, we don’t just want to report on the ways the world is broken, we want to profile the people doing something about it. Our stories bring you to the frontlines of change, profiling the innovators, entrepreneurs, and activists who are thinking differently and making a difference. Freethink is steadfastly committed to bringing our audience to the frontiers of our rapidly-changing world. And we want you to join us.

About the Role

Freethink is seeking a full-time staff writer to report on stories that matter and profile the people and ideas that are reshaping the world around us for the better. The tech start-up scene is exploding and we’re looking for a passionate reporter to dive headfirst into this fast-paced, innovative, and inspiring world of technology start-ups. The ideal candidate will be curious about how new technologies can change the world, be passionate about telling the stories of entrepreneurs, and able to discern credible claims from hype.

Core Roles and Responsibilities

  • Pitch stories on a daily basis
  • Find fresh and engaging angles that offer new insights to our readers
  • Ability to write and file stories consistently. Comfortable writing short-form, quick turn around stories as well as longer, more in-depth pieces
  • Ability to quickly discern a story’s credibility
  • Ability to learn from and work with the editors to make strong, engaging, and impactful content

Qualifications and Characteristics

  • Passion for journalism and storytelling
  • Experience covering the exciting innovations coming out of Silicon Valley and "other valleys" around the world a plus.
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects in fast-paced setting
  • Talent for identifying great stories that perform well online
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to be proactive
  • Positive, can-do attitude
  • Openness to feedback and challenge
  • A desire for continuous learning and improvement

To apply, email Amanda ([email protected]). Please include:

  • Resume
  • 3 examples of stories you have written
  • A 100-150 word pitch for a piece that you think would be a great Freethink story

About Freethink

At Freethink we tell stories about our changing world, for people who want to have a hand in changing it. From aerospace engineers in the Mojave Desert to entrepreneurs in South America’s biggest slum, our videos give you an intimate look at not only what they’re doing but also why they’re doing it, the obstacles they face, and what motivates them to keep driving forward. We hope that after you watch these stories, you’ll come away with insights and inspiration you can use to make a difference in your own way.

Watch this video to see what we're all about!

Our core teams in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and DC are joined by a growing network of directors, editors, composers, designers, journalists, developers and more all around the world. Together, we’re building the kind of company we all want to work for: curious, experimental, and ambitious.