Our Story

Freethink was created because its founders had grown increasingly concerned about a media landscape dominated by negative and divisive news.

“The effect this is having on our culture is hard to ignore,” says Dan Hayes, co-founder and lead video director at Freethink. “All too often, the media paints a picture of the world that is dark, depressing and broken. It’s cynical. It assumes that people lack the will or the ability to change things. And that’s just not the world we see when we look around us.”

Offering a starkly different perspective, Freethink focuses on the innovators, entrepreneurs and activists who are changing our world for the better. Many of these stories have gone untold or don’t get the attention they deserve. Until now.

“At Freethink, we profile people thinking differently and making a difference,” says Freethink’s CEO, Chandler Tuttle. “Our videos tell real stories of people tackling big challenges head on – not just what they’re doing, but why they’re doing it.”

To share these stories, Freethink offers TV-quality programming in modern digital formats, optimized for the way people watch videos today: online, on social media and on their phones. They’re focused on engaging the hearts and minds of younger millennial viewers:

“We’re on a mission to inspire the next generation with the powerful stories of innovators, entrepreneurs and activists who are thinking differently and making a difference.”

—Chandler Tuttle, CEO

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