nuclear power plant
Open-sourcing the blueprints for a nuclear power plant
prosthetic hand
Developing a better mind-controlled prosthetic hand
coronavirus survivors
Blood plasma from coronavirus survivors could save lives
hypersonic flight
Coast-to-coast in 30 minutes: solving the physics of hypersonic flight
coronavirus testing
Gates Foundation funds at-home coronavirus testing project
Reminiscence Therapy
Reminiscence therapy is helping seniors at “dementia villages”
detect coronavirus
AI can detect coronavirus infections far faster than humans
drive-thru coronavirus clinic
US’s first drive-thru coronavirus clinic opens in Seattle
assistive devices
AI device helps wheelchair users control their world
how tornadoes form
New study into how tornadoes form could save lives
Changing flight altitudes could help minimize contrails
heart valve
This adjustable heart valve would grow as a child ages
safe injection sites
Safe injection sites are legal, US court rules
criminal record clearance
Algorithm clears thousands of marijuana convictions in just one minute
electronic nose
“Electronic nose” can detect a cancer precursor on patients’ breath
seed vault
"Doomsday" seed vault now contains over 1 million samples
prosthetic leg
Building an artificially intelligent, open-source prosthetic leg
pandemic bonds
Why aren’t the World Bank’s pandemic bonds helping fight COVID-19?
Track COVID-19
Data scientists are making it easier to track COVID-19
This algorithm just generated 68 billion unique melodies