digital ids for clothing
Digital IDs add transparency to fashion
Map of the Universe
Massive 3D map of the universe fills in “troublesome” gap
Coronavirus Drug
Inhaled coronavirus drug shows promise in small trial
outdoor classrooms
The case for teaching students outside this fall
language generator
The most impressive language generator yet
remote therapy
Remote therapy is as effective as face-to-face, for depression
Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine
Oxford COVID-19 vaccine triggers strong immune response
radiation therapy for covid-19
Doctors debate over using radiation therapy for COVID-19
nfl mouth shield
New NFL mouth shield could protect players from COVID-19
COVID-19 Mortality Rates
How to explain falling COVID-19 mortality rates
T Cells
"T cells" could provide immunity after antibodies fade
Study: blood transfusions can slow signs of aging in mice
Heart Pump
Scientists 3D print a heart pump that can beat on its own
Overview Effect
VR experience aims to change people’s perspective of Earth 
mitochondrial dna
For the first time, researchers edit human mitochondrial DNA
Community Fridges
“Community fridges” are helping fight food insecurity
treating covid 19
Bats may provide clues for treating COVID-19
Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine
Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine produces more antibodies than infection
Risk of Death from COVID-19
Study: Risk of death from COVID-19 is 45% lower on arthritis drug
Prevent Coronavirus
Survivors’ plasma might prevent coronavirus infections