pig organ transplant
Researchers heal human lungs by hooking them up to live pigs
Reusable N95 Mask
Engineers create reusable N95 mask out of rubber
Smokeless Cigarettes
FDA: Smokeless cigarettes produce less harmful chemicals
animal conservation
Crowdsourcing ideas for animal conservation technology
End-of-life AI
police budgets
Police budget meetings are public—if you know where to look
alternatives to nursing homes
Pandemic spurs search for alternatives to nursing homes
Herd Immunity
Natural herd immunity to COVID-19 might be impossible
loon balloon
Loon is beaming balloon-based internet to Kenya
Coronavirus Affects the Brain
What we know about how the coronavirus affects the brain
Gene Writing
Gene writing: A new type of genetic engineering
ai models for diagnosing covid-19
Should we be using AI models for diagnosing COVID-19?
Police Records
Volunteers build first nationwide database of police records
Air Filter for COVID-19
New air filter for COVID-19 could lower risk of being indoors
PTSD Risk Score
New algorithm gives trauma survivors a "PTSD risk score"
Is the Coronavirus Airborne
Is the coronavirus airborne, and does it matter?
Microdosing Marijuana
Microdosing marijuana can relieve chronic pain
electrical stimulation
A new way to heal badly broken bones with electrical stimulation
vegan steak
3D-printed vegan steak is heading to restaurants in 2020
toad venom
Psychedelic toad venom explained