Can this school change the world?

“What if we had this education growing up? How much better would we be? Not only at our work but at life.”
In partnership with Higher Ground

Imagine a classroom, gently humming with the activity of learning, where children as young as three and as old as six work together or separately, where they can be found exploring math concepts, poring over maps, or making themselves a snack — or perhaps choosing to do something else entirely. 

They are figuring out how to operate independently, resolve their own conflicts, learn to read and write, sometimes as young as three — all in a place designed to provide freedom with structure, to channel energy towards learning. 

It is an environment geared towards their development right down to the furniture, filled with educational materials and a teacher to inspire their curiosity and help them to explore.

That’s the vision at Higher Ground

Higher Ground believes they have found a new way forward for education, a “third way” which balances academic rigor with the freedom for kids to make their own choices, laying the foundation for a life of purpose.

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