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Inside the lab creating human eggs from scratch
“In a 50 year timeframe this could become the default way that people choose to have children.”
Should extreme biohacking be a human right? 
“I want to genetically modify humans. I want to create a coronavirus vaccine in my kitchen. Because I can. Because it’s beautiful and cool. But like, you can’t say that shit.”
Hacking evolution to grow super coral
Coral reefs sustain life for 1 billion people around the world, but 90% will be extinct by 2050 if we don’t find a solution now.
The crowdfunded personal wind turbine that sold out in 5 days
In partnership with Million Stories
This clean energy startup hit their fundraising goal in 1 hour. Here’s how crowdfunding brought Shine to life.
Hack your gut microbiome, live to 110
Does this group of Japanese 107-year-olds hold the key to stopping aging? Let’s explore that, with host Tom Carroll.
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The dawn of battery-powered urban flight
Electric engine, nearly silent, and ready for passengers by 2025. But are we ready?
Series|Hard Reset
The bionic 3rd thumb anyone can add to their hand
We flew to the UK to learn more about the designer 3D-printing third thumbs.
How to bring the entire world online
In partnership with Cisco
500 billion devices will be online by 2030. Here’s how that connectivity can power a sustainable future.
Performing complex surgeries with single-incision robotics
In partnership with Intuitive
These surgeons are among the first to adopt the latest approach to robotic surgery. Here’s what they’ve learned.
Series|Hard Reset
Hacking the Anthropocene with survivalist robots
0% of our ocean floors have never been studied. This robot sailboat is unlocking the most treacherous parts.
Inside Wisk: The flying taxi ending traffic
Over 1,300 test flights in, Wisk’s self-flying taxi will transform city commutes by 2028.
10 books about building the future from Hard Reset
As part of making Hard Reset, we encounter a ton of fascinating, boundary-pushing books. Here are our 10 favorites, great for gift giving.
Translator earbuds, a DIY laptop & more futuristic tech from Hard Reset
Bring home the future for the holidays with these 4 futuristic personal tech gifts — each with a product review from our director, Nick Tucker.
4 gift ideas from the future
From a VR headset to full body motion capture suit, here are 4 items making the metaverse a reality.
LEGO, Mark Rober class & CRISPR kit: 5 futuristic gifts from Hard Reset
The LEGO BOOST toolbox, a Mark Rober Arduino course, and more — here are 5 great gifts for lifelong learners.
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We’re using our streets all wrong

COVID-19 turned city streets into pop-up restaurants. What if we didn’t go back?

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We’re using our streets all wrong

user-generated urbanism

The most incredible medical advances of our time. 

The world’s first bionic drummer
Jason Barnes lost his arm in a horrible accident. Then he became the fastest drummer in the world…
3D printing prosthetics for kids
The incredible movement of shared designs and tech that’s making prosthetics better and cheaper for everyone.
The exoskeleton marathon racer
How do you bounce back from a life-changing car accident? Adam Gorlitsky decided he would break a world record.
The emerging cyborg
Alec McMorris is testing one of the world’s most advanced prosthetics – an AI powered bionic leg.
The real bionic man
After losing part of his arm to cancer, Johnny now has one of the world’s most advanced prosthetics.
Hunting down his son’s killer
For years, there was no diagnosis, no treatment, and no cure — because his son’s disease had never been seen before. That wasn’t going to stop this dad.
Brain implant gives quadriplegic movement
A brain implant connected to electrodes could offer hope to those who have lost function in their limbs.
These gloves can teach you to play the piano. And maybe heal your brain.
Through “passive haptic learning”, these gloves can teach you how to play the piano in an hour. Braille in four hours. Now researchers want to see if victims of traumatic brain injuries can use these gloves to re-learn critical skills.
Electric skin gives sensation back to amputees
Touch is a sensation that connects us all. This scientist created electronic skin that lets people with prosthetic limbs feel.
Robotic wheelchair revolution
Part Wheelchair. Part Robot. Is this the future of accessibility?
Spinal implants: Helping the paralyzed walk again
Walking after complete spinal cord injury used to be a far-fetched dream. But, with advances in spinal cord implants for paralysis, even paraplegics have been able to regain mobility and walk again.
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26-year-old builds $8,000 mind-controlled bionic arms
Bionic arms used to cost $80,000. Now, a young engineer has lowered the cost by over 90%.
How robots could end animal captivity in zoos and marine parks
Could robotic dolphins help marine parks become more humane spaces where people can learn about and connect with nature?
‘Liquid Death’ canned water — a thrilling alternative to plastic
In partnership with Million Stories
Liquid Death is shifting consumer mindsets toward canned water through radically imaginative marketing that is frightening to some, but entertaining to most.
Hackers find missing people for fun
This search and rescue expert discovered that many missing people had nobody looking for them. Then he had an idea: what if hackers made a game out of finding missing people through the internet?
Dope Science

Decades of misinformation and bad science has distorted what we think about illicit drugs – but that’s changing.

Is DMT the best new treatment for depression?
Psychedelic therapy could bring the ancient healing powers of drugs like DMT into mental health clinics.
Microdosing psychedelics
Microdosing is the no-flowers-in-your-hair practice of regularly taking minimal amounts of hallucinogenic substances. Although it’s currently illegal, millions of dollars are being poured into further research.
The Drug Users Bible: A guide to safe drug use
Over a 10 year period, Dominic Milton Trott self-administered 157 psychoactive drugs and documented his experiences on each one. He then created the book, The Drug Users Bible, to inform curious minds about safe drug use.
I use ketamine for depression – here’s how it works
Commonly known as a party drug, ketamine’s powerful effects on the brain have led doctors to further explore its medical potential. Now, the animal anesthetic is providing relief and hope for people with severe depression.
Cannabis as a natural treatment for autism 
When typical medications simply aren’t doing enough to manage their children’s symptoms, mothers like Jenni Mai are turning to medical marijuana. But with current regulations, parents are having to become pharmacists for their own families, and some are even moving across the country so they can legally access cannabis.
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Running a startup is hard. Disrupting an entire industry is almost impossible.