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Revolutionary weight-loss drugs like Wegovy come with a catch
People taking GLP-1 agonists are losing too much muscle, but these drugs designed to prevent muscle loss could solve the problem.
Hard Reset Podcast: Strong Water | Episode #14
This slime is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and fights fires with 10x the strength of water. Here’s how it’s revolutionizing firefighting.
Maps say this place doesn’t exist. But that’s not true
Maps say these places don’t exist, but that’s not true. Millions of people live in unmapped regions around the globe. Here’s why it’s critically important that we help close map data gaps.
T-Minus: How to not die on (the way to) Mars
A breakdown of the five biggest threats to future Mars astronauts and what NASA scientists are doing to overcome each one.
Why ChatGPT feels more “intelligent” than Google Search
There will be a moment, coming soon, when AI makes the leap from tool to entity.