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At Freethink, we create premium, short documentaries about the people and ideas changing our world. Founded by passionate filmmakers, we specialize in finding incredible stories and bringing them to life in bite-sized, 2-6minute videos. Our award-winning brand stories reach millions of young, motivated change-makers every month, shining a light on the frontier of ideas and innovation.
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Short Documentaries
We’ve perfected the short-form documentary and will bring your brand story to life in a high-impact, cinematic experience designed for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and your content hub.
Robotic surgery unlocks a new era of medicine
The advancement of robotic surgery systems is expanding physical limitations to allow for minimally invasive procedures and improved patient recovery.
The hidden history in Black genealogy
This team is restoring generations of overlooked African American genealogy, and people are discovering family histories they never knew they had.
Engineering the impossible: The future of military tech
Palmer Luckey and his team of outside-the-box thinkers are creating defense technology that the government does not yet believe possible.
Expert Interviews
We’ve created and published thousands of thought leader interviews across Freethink and our sister brand Big Think. Create visibility for your own leaders and key messages in this highly engaging format.
What is inside a black hole?
Rendering the first black hole image was an important milestone. But in many ways, the true value of the project lies in how it created an opportunity for researchers to change the way they explore the world.
Could the human race survive a supervolcano?
The eruption of Mount Tambora pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Today, active supervolcanoes still have the power to nullify our future. What can we do to prepare?
Generalist vs. specialist: Which is the best path to success?
How many Mozarts and Tiger Woods are there in any given generation? A generalist himself, bestselling author David Epstein says you have to give yourself permission to choose the wrong pursuit or work in a job that’s not your ultimate dream career. These small “failures” are actually major learning experiences that help you inch closer to greatness.
Build Your Own Series
Sponsor a Freethink editorial series or create your own custom show. Series are the ideal way to tell stories on platforms like Youtube and Netflix.
Series| Catalysts
Introducing Catalysts
It’s time to change how we make change. Join us as we meet inspiring social entrepreneurs who are exploring bold new solutions to big social problems.
How a startup affords rent and ramen: Introducing Ramen Profitable
Join us as we meet today’s early-stage founders and explore their fight to become Ramen Profitable.
Series| Coded
Coded trailer
Meet the programmers on the frontlines of the war over security and privacy.
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Dive into some of our favorite brand stories

With Intel: How to go viral in the healthcare space

We told the story of employee Bryce Olson, who leveraged Intel’s technology to beat back his stage 4 prostate cancer and achieved viral success.

The future of cancer research
  • 3 million
    Total views
  • 1.2 million
    Completed views
  • 15k
    Likes, comments, and shares
  • Webby Award Winner

With Stand Together Foundation: Big impact for a small nonprofit

Stand Together came to Freethink with the goal of highlighting the foundation’s social entrepreneurs who are exploring bold solutions to big problems, including their grantee Cafe Momentum.

This restaurant gives at-risk youth a second chance
  • Major driver
    100k+ Facebook followers
  • 18k
  • 2.8k
  • 3.2 million
    Total views

With Turntide: A big lift for a startup product launch.

Our goal was to drive excitement for not just the rebranding of Turntide, but also for how their bold motor solution will accelerate their journey as a startup with fringe technology to the new standard in industrial technology.

How to reinvent the motor
  • 5x
    Increase in inbound leads
  • 248k
    Completed views
  • 1.3 million
    total views
  • 13k
    Likes, comments, and shares
  • Valuable fundraising and recruiting asset
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    — CEO, Flexport
  • “Wow… didn’t expect to just get teary-eyed at my desk! I love how this underscores the power of a movement to transform healthcare for everyone, everywhere. Huge kudos to Freethink for translating our vision into something so powerful.”
Are you ready to move the world? Schedule a meeting to learn more about Freethink’s brand storytelling model.