How to master credit cards and credit scores

Consumer credit is a paradox. Andini meets with a money expert to untangle the mysteries of how to spend your credit without killing your score.
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Credit, when utilized effectively, can be a powerful financial instrument that opens doors to opportunities, such as buying a home, financing education, or purchasing a vehicle. However, misusing credit can lead to financial pitfalls and long-term consequences.

In this episode of “Your World on Money,” the focus is on how you can effectively utilize credit to your advantage. Host Andini Makosinski seeks expert guidance on achieving a strong credit score and highlights the importance of a lengthy credit history, combined with responsible credit management, in boosting your financial status. Essentially, by comprehending the historical background and various uses of credit and adopting disciplined borrowing and repayment practices, you can harness the potential of credit to enhance your overall quality of life.

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