How the Phoenix is fighting addiction with fitness

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Meet The Phoenix, the free sober active community that’s using fitness to change how we treat addiction. Scott Strode, the founder, got sober with the help of a gym and wanted to help others with their recovery. Now thousands of people are transforming their lives and unlocking their potential. In doing so they are challenging the stigma around drug rehabilitation by publicly embracing their sobriety and talking about it openly.

Freethink followed The Phoenix team during their annual retreat in Moab, Utah, to learn more about this incredible group. There are chapters in California, Idaho, Colorado and Massachusetts, and the only membership fee is 48 hours of sobriety. Activities include boxing, running, hiking, mindfulness, and (in this case) rock climbing.

For more information on The Phoenix, click here.

Update: The Phoenix ended their affiliation with CrossFit in June 2020.

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