This city is setting a new ‘green’ standard for the rest of the world

Amsterdam is using yesterday’s trash to fuel the city today. Here’s how it is becoming the most energy friendly city in the world.
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Amsterdam has set for itself the bold goal of becoming the world’s first circular city by 2050. What is a circular city, exactly? It is one that redefines our traditional understanding of waste, seeing it not as an end product but as a resource to be utilized. 

This means shifting away from the linear “take-make-waste” model that characterizes most cities today, and instead creating closed-loop systems where waste is continually repurposed, recycled, and reused.

As part of this plan, Amsterdam aims to halve the use of virgin raw materials by 2030, effectively reducing carbon emissions and increasing sustainability. Over 70 experimental projects have been launched, each focusing on various sectors such as construction, food, and consumer goods. These initiatives are not without their challenges, but the city is proving that the path to a circular economy, though complex, is not only viable but a necessary step toward a sustainable future.

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