LEGO, Mark Rober class & CRISPR kit: 5 futuristic gifts from Hard Reset

The LEGO BOOST toolbox, a Mark Rober Arduino course, and more — here are 5 great gifts for lifelong learners.
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If you thought that programming robots and genetic engineering were pursuits that required thousands of dollars or a security clearance, think again.

Today it’s possible to do both at home — and at a price point that’s comparable to many common gifts you might get your loved ones during the holiday season. So before you go holiday shopping, check out our curated collection of some of the most fascinating learning-oriented products that we’ve encountered recently while making Hard Reset.

Featured Learning Gifts:

Freethink is not using affiliate links on the products in this gift guide and is not being paid by any of the brands featured. 

Giveaway! How to win a Genetic Design Starter Kit from The Odin:

To win one of these gifts, post a comment on YouTube about which gift you received that taught you the most, or had the biggest impact on your life. We’ll pick our favorite comment from the top comments, and we’re going to send the commenter a Genetic Design Starter Kit from The Odin. Winner will be announced here on December 16th.

About the Hard Reset Gift Guide:

As we research the Hard Reset series, we see a lot of amazing technologies and products — some we feature on the show, some we don’t. But as we’re getting to the end of the year, and a lot of folks are buying gifts for each other, we thought it would be helpful to put together a gift guide.

Each of these products has been selected because we think, like all the Hard Reset topics we cover, they invite you to re-think something in your life from the ground up. This show will hopefully give you some ideas for gifts you can give your loved ones, and they’ll definitely be conversation starters.

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