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Bryan Johnson lives by one rule: “Don’t die”

“We are losing when we create a lesser version of ourselves.” Bryan Johnson has created a blueprint to reverse-aging, and a vision for the future of humanity.
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You might have seen Bryan Johnson on TikTok or in your Reels feed. He’s the man who spends $2 million every year to slow his speed of aging…and shares all of that information for free.

To slow down his aging, Johnson has tried some pretty extreme stuff like transfusions of his teenage son’s blood plasma (a practice he has since abandoned due to its ineffectiveness). He maintains a strict adherence to a meticulously calculated plant-based diet, and consumes over 100 supplements daily.

What propels this relentless pursuit of immortality? We found out while filming our Hard Reset episode, where we tested Bryan Johnson’s biohacking routine, and listened to him explain his philosophy for a healthier, longer future for humanity.

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