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The tech of tomorrow: Haptics, Desktop CNC, Hyundai E-Corner

Would you use a desktop CNC? What about no-snow skis? Could a car with 90º wheels make parking easier? We went to the biggest tech event in the world to try out viral tech for ourselves.
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Consumer tech is constantly shaping the way we live. The smartphone alone has unlocked an entire world of on-demand services at our fingertips, just as VR is currently unlocking unlimited immersive environments for users.

So what’s the next consumer tech product that will disrupt markets and change our lives forever? There’s one place you’re certain to find it every year: At CES, the world’s most powerful tech convention. 

The Hard Reset team took to CES 2024 floors to seek out the next big thing: From desktop CNC machines to cars with 90º wheels and capacities you’ve never before seen, here are the newest tech innovations that are set to change the world as we know it.

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