Series| Hard Reset

What if we restarted civilization from scratch in 2022?

If we could redesign the world from scratch, what should we do differently? Find out in all-new episodes of Freethink’s Hard Reset coming in January 2022.
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Big challenges require big solutions. 

We’re surrounded by challenges that can feel insurmountable — challenges like climate change, unsustainable agriculture, war, and inequity. These complex systems are difficult to comprehend, much less change.

So, what if we just started fresh?

With the newest technology, the most passionate people, and the biggest ideas the world had to offer, what if we could set about trying to rebuild our world — from scratch. 

What would we change? How would we design it? What could we lose? Let’s explore what that new world could look like. 

It’s time to think big — it’s time for a Hard Reset.

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