Men are finally getting birth control options

Big Pharma won’t invest in male birth control. Meet the scientists doing it themselves.
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When the birth control pill was approved by the FDA in 1960, the world changed forever as women gained unprecedented reproductive freedom and control. At the time, there also was serious interest and research into the development of male contraceptives — and that interest has been renewed in recent years with a handful of new and promising male contraceptive solutions. 

One is ADAM, a hydrogel contraceptive from the medical device company Contraline. The nonhormonal, reversible approach involves an injection into the vas deferens, the duct which transports sperm to the urethra. Here, the hydrogel only blocks sperm and does not interfere with sensation or other bodily functions. 

There are also new hormonal approaches to male contraception. NES/T, for example, is a gel that men can apply on their shoulder blades or upper arm, where it enters the body and inhibits sperm production while not interfering with sexual function or testosterone levels. 

Better male contraceptives would make it easier for couples to gain more reproductive control. The question is: What will the next generation of male contraceptives look like?

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