A deadly shortage of surgeons around the globe — and how to help solve it

Around the world, more people die every year from lack of access to surgery than from tuberculosis, HIV, and malaria combined. Can innovative approaches help solve this problem?
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Globally, there is a massive shortage of surgeons, especially in low-resource countries. The result: every year, an estimated 17 million people die who might otherwise be saved. 

The Intuitive Foundation, a philanthropic organization whose aim is to reduce the global burden of disease, is working to solve that, by fostering new approaches that can significantly increase the number of healthcare workers who can provide acute care. The goal is to create scalable systems that help governments and institutions in these countries rapidly expand the ranks of potential surgeons. 

Some of these approaches are already being tried around the world. In the U.S., the Foundation is helping high school students from low-income, underrepresented communities get better access to STEM education, increasing their chances of pursuing these careers in college and beyond. Find out more about how the Foundation is working to increase opportunities, both around the world and in the U.S.

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