The Edge

Athletes will stop at nothing to gain a competitive edge. For some, they use diet and training methods to beat the competition. Others use supplements, both legal and illegal, to enhance their already superhuman speed, strength, and endurance. But new technologies on the horizon are changing the way athletes train and prepare for competition. And if these technologies work, they could change your life as well.

Can athletes’ desire for gaining a competitive edge push the future of medicine further for everyone? Learn about these technologies and the athletes putting them to the test in our latest series, The Edge.

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With eye tracking technology, athletes can now monitor, analyze, and train their eye movements to effectively reduce their average reaction time.More Info about Eye tracking gives athletes an unprecedented edge
eye tracking
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Why are professional athletes using brain-zapping headsets? This tDCS device creates a state of hyper-learning, which could help improve their performance.More Info about Top athletes are shocking their brains with tDCS
tdcs device
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Long-term health risks threaten to derail America’s favorite sport, but one coach may have found an innovative solution to save the game – a robotic tackling dummy.More Info about This coach cut football concussions in half
robotic tackling dummy