This non-profit is helping 1st gen college students out-earn their parents

75% of their students outearn their parents. How Braven is restoring the American dream.
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Education is seen as the gateway to the American Dream, but the reality is far more complex. 

Many first-generation and low-income college students know this firsthand. These students face greater challenges getting a good first job, which leads to lower earnings in the short- and long-term compared to their peers from higher-income backgrounds. 

To address this, the non-profit Braven helps these students prepare for the workforce by embracing their unique backgrounds as strengths. The program’s success can be seen in the data: 75% of its students out-earn their parents within a few years (compared to 50% nationwide). Through empowering ambitious individuals, Braven — a recent recipient of The McNulty Prize — is not only fostering personal success but also contributing to the broader effort of offering everyone a more genuine shot at the American Dream.

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