I pilot a self-driving truck. Here’s why we need more.

96% of road accidents are caused by human error. Could self-driving semi trucks be a safer option?
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Embark, a pioneer in the autonomous vehicle industry, is on a mission to transform long-haul trucking by integrating self-driving technology into the sector. 

It’s a project that aims to address the pressing issue of labor shortages, as well as enhance road safety and improve truckers’ quality of life. Beverly Morrison, a professional trucker and a safety driver for one of Embark’s autonomous trucks, plays a crucial role in refining this technology, providing valuable feedback from her first-hand experience. 

The potential of self-driving trucks goes beyond safety; they could drastically cut operational costs, streamline long-haul trips, and offer more efficient fuel consumption. Although automation may eventually take over much of long-haul trucking, human drivers remain indispensable, especially for intricate urban routes and local deliveries.

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