The “opportunity framework” can tell you how successful your business might be

The ‘opportunity framework’ will ensure your business is profitable — and meaningful.
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Adelle Archer, founder and CEO of Eterneva, built her unique company from the ground up — something she never thought she would do. Eterneva creates Memorial Diamonds from the carbon ashes of departed loved ones, memorializing their lives in a distinctly meaningful way.

Adelle shares her journey of finding the perfect balance between passion and profit. She explains how she used the Opportunity Framework to identify the right business venture, ensuring that Eterneva could bring joy to people while remaining scalable and successful.

Follow Eterneva’s rise as a leader in the end-of-life space, securing $10 million in their Series A and even landing a deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur seeking inspiration and insights on identifying opportunities that align with your purpose, this episode is a must-watch. 

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