How to bring the entire world online

500 billion devices will be online by 2030. Here’s how that connectivity can power a sustainable future.
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Almost half the world’s population does not have reliable internet access. The consequence is that billions of people aren’t experiencing the benefits of the digital revolution, which has transformed not only how we structure our media and economy, but also how we manage infrastructure and educate people.

Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration Program wants the future of the internet to be more inclusive. On more than 1,400 active or completed projects across 48 countries, Cisco has been working with governments on ways to use technology to benefit entire populations, whether that’s by automating and optimizing water distribution in Idaho or building Wi-Fi access points in Africa.

Cisco projects there will be approximately 500 billion devices connected to the internet by 2030. Projects like those in Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration Program are aiming to ensure that the digital revolution will benefit everyone, no matter where they happen to live.

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