Africa is 50% hotter than the rest of the world. How farmers are combating rising temperatures

Compared to the rest of the world, West Africa is getting hotter faster. Here’s the digital tool that helps farmers secure a higher yield.
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Extreme temperatures are heating up Africa at a rate 1.5 times the rest of the world, a tangible effect of climate change. To adapt, many African farmers are planting increasingly bigger plots, which yield fewer crops and lower income. 

myAgro offers smallholder farmers a solution by arming them with financial and agricultural resources to help them increase their yields and income. This ensures that farmers create food security for their families and communities while building a resilient food system for the continent. 

Droughts, floods, degradation of natural soil, and climbing temperatures require that farmers adapt each season. myAgro’s financial tools and climate-smart agricultural training helps farmers lock away their own money for seasons ahead for a more productive farm and reliable income. In 2022, myAgro farmers grew 2.5 times more food, which translated into hundreds of dollars of additional net income that allowed families to pay for schooling, healthcare, and sturdy shelter.

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