Can this tech cut police-public shootings by 50%?

A coalition of police, elected officials, community members, and public safety tech company Axon is aiming to cut gun deaths between police and public by 50%.
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Axon, the company that makes and sells TASER energy weapons, has an ambitious goal: cut gun-related deaths between police and the public by 50% in 10 years. The company is betting that better, less-than-lethal weapons can contribute to achieving this “moonshot” goal. With smart data and sophisticated training programs to support the technology, Axon is on a mission to bring law enforcement and community stakeholders together and create meaningful change. 

One important component of the plan is the new tech itself–the TASER 10. As the latest iteration of Axon’s signature device, the TASER 10 has a range of 45 feet, comes with 10 probes, and deploys probes with a higher velocity than previous models. The goal is to give police a reliable, non-lethal tool to incapacitate subjects and provide another option to help de-escalate dangerous situations.

Still, as Axon CEO and Founder Rick Smith told Freethink, technology alone can’t solve a problem as big as gun violence between police and the public. It will also require training, policy, oversight, and public acceptance.

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