Debunking the myth of Gen Z “voter apathy” ahead of the 2024 election

Gen Z is stereotyped as politically apathetic. These youth action groups are proving that couldn’t be further from the truth.
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Gen-Z and Millennials are often typecast as apathetic generations, likely to bow out of the political process due to disinterest in an increasingly partisan and frustrating landscape.

But how true is this stereotype? Young people have been at the forefront of nearly every political movement in history, and getting them to show up to defend democracy in the 2024 election is crucial.

Organizations like Rise and Forward Montana (part of the Alliance For Youth Organizing network) are building youth civic engagement and political power to help make a big change this next election cycle by registering voters and fighting voter suppression. With big stake issues like environmental justice, income inequality, racial justice, and the future of our democracy on the line, these power building groups are ensuring that the younger generation’s voices are heard.

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