Breaking abuse victims’ financial handcuffs

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Often the biggest barrier to leaving an abusive relationship is its cost. Without the means to support themselves or their children, or as a result of economic abuse, many people end up suffering domestic violence for far too long.

FreeFrom was founded by Sonya Passi, a law student who’d co-founded the Family Violence Appellate Project to provide pro-bono legal representation for survivors of domestic violence. She recognized that many of her clients were homeless or losing custody of children because they did not have the means to provide for themselves or their families.

FreeFrom helps them find funding to pay for the consequences of abuse – hospital bills, property damage, etc – and find ways to be financially independent. They teach entrepreneurship skills and even have a product line of self-care products called “Gifted by FreeFrom” which survivors can help produce for a living wage of $20/hour.

Through becoming financially independent, survivors have the opportunity to escape domestic abuse – whether physical, emotional, financial or verbal – and raise their families in a safe environment.

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