A quiet revolution in trucking

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She’s a veteran, a single mom, and a trucker, who used to have to wait around for hours for her cargo. Now, a revolutionary solution from SAP and Uber Freight is getting her back on the road and home to her son sooner.

Almost every good we use was at some point transported by truck drivers. Trucking is a $700 billion dollar industry in America, employing millions of people. However, a lot of the industry still relies on paper and middlemen to coordinate freight loads with truck drivers–and that keeps drivers idle and waiting for their next job. Uber Freight is a new freight software platform that cuts out middlemen like freight brokers and puts truck drivers in control. The platform provides a new level of transparency so they’re able to pick and choose loads on demand, rate their customers, and more. SAP is helping scale the software rapidly across the industry and worldwide – and its uptake is unprecedented. Can this new trucking software change the way the global industry does business?

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