The new space race has officially begun

The new race to the moon, a “zombie” satellite discovery by an amateur astronomer, and more top stories on space.
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Each week, Freethink’s Progress Report explores what the solutions of today will mean for your tomorrow. Here’s what we’re focusing on now:

  • Private space companies, SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Dynetics, are competing to create a lunar landing system for NASA that will take the U.S. back to the moon for the first time since Apollo 17.

  • Amateur astronomer Scott Tilley recently discovered a “zombie satellite” –  a satellite launched in 1967 that’s still in Earth’s orbit and is now transmitting again after a long inactive period.

  • Inspired to explore outer space for yourself? With Zooniverse, app users can help classify the features of outer space imagery so physicists can better understand the processes that formed our universe. Or, go to to sort through satellite images of penguin poop and help biologists estimate the size of penguin populations in Antarctica.

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