The daily coronavirus news roundup – monday, march 23rd

Solutions to the mask shortage, a massive vaccine and treatment list, and other fresh coronavirus news updates.

The coronavirus crisis is unique. Addressing it will require new ideas, new perspectives, and new voices. That’s our mission at Freethink.

In our daily “Coronavirus Roundup,” we’re highlighting the most important stories from the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19. Stories that inform, challenge, and inspire.

Here are our must reads for today, March 23, 2020.

1. FDA Authorizes New Test That Could Detect Coronavirus in About 45 Minutes

The turnaround time for coronavirus test results in the U.S. has ranged from 24 hours to four days. On March 20, the FDA approved a test that can diagnose COVID-19 in just 45 minutes — and this CNN article explains how that could help turn the tide in the coronavirus outbreak.

2. Coronavirus: Dutchess County Jail to Host Temporary Homeless Shelter Amid COVID-19

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, New York’s Dutchess County is housing members of the homeless population in an unused section of its jail campus. As County Executive Marc Molinaro told the Poughkeepsie Journal, the jail’s layout facilitates social distancing — something impossible at most homeless shelters.

3. Half a Million N95 Masks Are on Their Way to New York and Seattle, Manufacturer Says

N95 masks, which filter out at least 95% of particles in the air, have been in short supply among medical professionals combating the coronavirus. A new Washington Post story details how manufacturer 3M is helping overcome that shortage by fast-tracking the delivery of half a million masks to coronavirus hotspots Seattle and New York.

4. Team Comes Together to Repair Thousands of N95 Masks

After Boston’s Tufts Medical Center received a donation of 6,095 N95 masks with brittle elastic bands that rendered them unusable, a group of engineering students brainstormed ideas for retrofitting the masks with new elastic without damaging them. Tufts Now reports that 20 volunteers from the local community are now repairing the much-needed masks using the new designs.

5. Here Is Every Potential Coronavirus Treatment and Vaccine

Hundreds of research groups across the globe are currently developing coronavirus treatments and vaccines. Freethink is keeping track of all of them, highlighting those we think show the most promise at bringing the COVID-19 pandemic to an end. This is one you’ll want to bookmark as we’ll be updating the article regularly.

Chronic pain can be objectively measured using brain signals
Even though pain is universal and we know it happens in the brain, we’ve never before had a way to objectively measure its intensity.
New nasal spray aimed at reversing fentanyl overdoses is now approved
A new overdose-reversing spray that works fast but lasts longer has been approved by the FDA, and will be available by the fall at earliest.
Do we finally know what causes Alzheimer’s?
The first treatments proven to slow cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s are helping settle a decades-long debate about how the disease starts.
This “bridge” between chemo and cancer solves a big problem for treatment
To improve leukemia treatment, Australian researchers have created a bispecific antibody that connects chemo drugs to cancer cells.
Pill version of obesity drug reduced weight almost 13% in new trial
Novo Nordisk has announced positive results for an oral version of the popular weight loss drug sold as Ozempic and Wegovy.
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