Drugs to Improve Well-Being

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When typical medications simply aren’t doing enough to manage their children’s symptoms, mothers like Jenni Mai are turning to medical marijuana. But with current regulations, parents are having to become pharmacists for their own families, and some are even moving across the country so they can legally access cannabis. More Info about Cannabis as a natural treatment for autism
Natural Treatment for Autism
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Microdosing is the no-flowers-in-your-hair practice of regularly taking minimal amounts of hallucinogenic substances. Although it’s currently illegal, millions of dollars are being poured into further research. More Info about Microdosing psychedelics
microdosing psychedelics
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Over a 10 year period, Dominic Milton Trott self-administered 157 psychoactive drugs and documented his experiences on each one. He then created the book, The Drug Users Bible, to inform curious minds about safe drug use. More Info about The Drug Users Bible: A guide to safe drug use
drug use
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Commonly known as a party drug, ketamine’s powerful effects on the brain have led doctors to further explore its medical potential. Now, the animal anesthetic is providing relief and hope for people with severe depression. More Info about I use ketamine for depression – here’s how it works
ketamine for depression