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What is inside a black hole?
Rendering the first black hole image was an important milestone. But in many ways, the true value of the project lies in how it created an opportunity for researchers to change the way they explore the world.
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Artificial intelligence can find hidden patterns in patient’s vital signs - and stop emergencies before they happen.
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From guerilla gardening to pop-up parks, tactical urbanism is catching the world by storm.
tactical urbanism
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There is an urgent challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa: people are dying from treatable illnesses like malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea. Now, people are turning to their neighbors for community health care.
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A national group called the Alliance for Safety and Justice has set out to rethink America’s criminal justice system, with a focus on healing rather than punishment.
criminal justice system
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The advancement of robotic surgery systems is expanding physical limitations to allow for minimally invasive procedures and improved patient recovery.
robotic surgery
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This highly efficient switched reluctance motor has the ability to save manufacturers millions of dollars and significantly reduce their carbon emissions.
Switched Reluctance Motor