Welcome to the fringe and fascinating world of biohacking – a rapidly accelerating movement of citizen-scientists.

These bio-renegades are experimenting on their own bodies in an effort to optimize their body and brain’s performance. From radical nutritional practices, to body modification and even gene editing, the world of biohacking knows no bounds. We’ll take you there and investigate which hacks are based on science — and which hacks are based on hype.

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Dr. Josiah Zayner believes scientists are dragging their feet on realizing CRISPR’s potential, so his do-it-yourself CRISPR kit allows people to experiment with gene editing at home. More Info about DIY biohacking: Do(n’t) try this at home
crispr kit
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Neil Harbisson was born colorblind. Now he has an antenna implant in his skill to hear color and create beautiful works of art. More Info about The cyborg artist who hears color
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Hacker surgeons like Jeffrey Tibbetts implant everything from compasses to wireless routers. Freethink’s own Chase Pipkin decided to try it out. More Info about I got a chip implanted in a biohacking garage