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This company is winning the race to create the first factory in space

The race to build the first space factory is on — and this team is beating everyone to the finish line.
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The international space station is getting a software update, and its future iteration is not just a space station – it’s a space factory. Axiom Space is launching the first commercial space station in the next few years, which will open the door to a new era in the space economy. 

To become the first commercial space station, Axiom has had to rethink everything about how we live in space. We got a tour of the space station development facility, which is … inside an abandoned retail store?

Axioms’s approach might seem scrappy, but these unassuming ingredients are coming together to make something incredible. With a series of four-week sprints, nimble mock-ups allow experienced astronauts to test out the designs they’ll be relying on in space.

Follow us as we get a preview inside the future of space tech.

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