The crowdfunded personal wind turbine that sold out in 5 days

This clean energy startup hit their fundraising goal in 1 hour. Here’s how crowdfunding brought Shine to life.
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Called Shine, the turbine is about the size and shape of a large water bottle. The turbine includes a mount, tensioned cables to secure it into the terrain, blades, a 12,000 mAh internal lithium-ion battery, and a cord for plugging in a USB cable. 

After two minutes of setting up, Shine can generate about three phone charge’s worth of electricity in an hour from any location where the wind is blowing between 8 and 28 mph. 

The team envisions Shine as a tool that hikers can use to ensure that their phones, GPS systems, and other electronic devices stay charged. The turbine could also help out in emergency situations, such as by storing the device in remote outposts where someone might someday need quick access to electricity.

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