Through the Looking Glass

For years, virtual and augmented reality have been touted as the technologies of the future that will revolutionize the gaming world. But today, the AR/VR-verse is no longer the future. It’s here. And it’s revolutionizing so much more than the gaming industry. Come along with Freethink as we explore all the meaningful ways virtual and augmented reality are moving our world forward.

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In the U.S., about six million people over the age of 65 experience late life depression. So one organization is providing virtual reality excursions for seniors to help them experience life to the fullest.More Info about VR trips help treat depression in the elderly
depression in the elderly
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Whether a patient fears spiders or flying, VR technology allows therapists to treat anxiety disorders by simulating these experiences in a safe environment.More Info about Conquering fear with virtual reality exposure therapy
virtual reality exposure therapy
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With a keen curiosity to learn more about how life formed on Earth, NASA has plans to send a spacecraft called the Dragonfly to Saturn’s largest moon, and they’re using augmented reality to make it happen.More Info about AR in use: NASA's Dragonfly mission to Titan
nasa dragonfly