The new space race is here

The 21st century could see humans return to space in a way that utterly transcends our 20th century travels. We may return to the moon, visit Mars for the first time, and explore asteroids.

From satellites that fit in the palm of your hand, to a 3D printer that works in zero gravity, to the group of engineers who are building the low-Earth-orbit version of Southwest Airlines, our new show, The New Space Race , will introduce you to the people and the technology that could make humans a multi-planetary species in the coming century.

The vision is ambitious. The obstacles are huge. But the journey will be fascinating. And The New Space Race will take you to the center of it all.

Life on Mars, together
Researchers spent two weeks at the Mars Desert Research Station conducting an analog mission for potential future trips to Mars.
NASA hopes private space companies can rescue its $11 billion Mars rock mission
If this ambitious NASA mission unraveled, scientists would lose their chance to learn much more about the red planet.
Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft was set to launch on May 6 — but was delayed again
Boeing’s Starliner launch – delayed again – will be an important milestone for commercial spaceflight if it can manage to launch.
Persistent “hiccups” in a far-off galaxy draw astronomers to new black hole behavior
Scientists have found a large black hole that “hiccups,” giving off plumes of gas, revealing another black hole.
Astronomers spot 18 black holes gobbling up nearby stars
Scientists have identified 18 new tidal disruption events (TDEs) — when a nearby star is tidally drawn into a black hole and ripped apart.
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