The new space race is here

The 21st century could see humans return to space in a way that utterly transcends our 20th century travels. We may return to the moon, visit Mars for the first time, and explore asteroids.

From satellites that fit in the palm of your hand, to a 3D printer that works in zero gravity, to the group of engineers who are building the low-Earth-orbit version of Southwest Airlines, our new show, The New Space Race , will introduce you to the people and the technology that could make humans a multi-planetary species in the coming century.

The vision is ambitious. The obstacles are huge. But the journey will be fascinating. And The New Space Race will take you to the center of it all.

How Einstein tried to model the shape of the Universe
Two years after proposing his general theory of relativity, Einstein endeavored to find the shape of the Universe.
“Treasure map” guides scientists to massive meteorite
A “treasure map” highlighting places where meteorites are most likely to be found has led to the discovery of a 17-pound space rock.
Space travel will radically change human psychology and spirituality
We are living in a period of living and traveling in space. If we continue on this trajectory, we will develop new spiritual views.
Terraforming: why the Moon is a better target than Mars
While most of humanity’s terraforming dreams have focused on Mars, a better candidate may be even closer: the Moon.
Cosmic dust from Venus is inspiring new air pollution-busting technology
Inspired by chemistry observed on the surface of Venus, researchers produced a synthetic material that could improve air quality.
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