How I reinvented the future of the art market

This first-time entrepreneur didn’t find a gap in the art market — he reinvented it. Here’s how he made it happen.
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Carter Cleveland, the founder and CEO of Artsy, shares his journey in revolutionizing the art industry through technology. Initially met with skepticism, Cleveland’s company aimed to bridge the gap between art and the masses, making it accessible like Netflix for films or Spotify for music. Unlike traditional disruptive approaches, Artsy sought to collaborate with existing art galleries, recognizing their value and unique role in the ecosystem. 

By engaging established galleries and securing top players in the industry as partners and investors, Artsy gained credibility and attracted a multitude of galleries to its platform. The success of Artsy, according to Cleveland, was rooted in a mission to expand the art market’s accessibility and benefit artists and collectors rather than just focusing on profits.

Key takeaways from Cleveland’s experience include the importance of working on endeavors aligned with personal passion and purpose, valuing collaboration over disruption, and recognizing the potential of an existing industry ecosystem. This narrative underscores the significance of approaching innovation with empathy, understanding, and a willingness to build bridges between tradition and technology to create positive change — because it’s possible to be a benevolent disruptor.

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