The 4 things more important than experience in business

You don’t need to know everything before you start your business. This drop-out turned CEO is proof.
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Meet Brian Jeong. He’s a business school drop-out who saw a gap in the men’s personal care market, so he founded his own business. He and his co-founder created Hawthorne, a premium men’s personal care brand designed to cater to specific skin types, hair types, and body chemistries. And he learned a lot along the way — even without that degree.

Brian and his co-founder delved into the industry with no prior experience, but quickly learned the ropes by engaging with over 100 different experts and enthusiasts in the field. Brian emphasizes the importance of having a learner’s mindset as an entrepreneur: aspiring business owners shouldn’t wait for perfection, but start and learn along the way. 

Whether you’re interested in product development or building your own entrepreneurial mindset, this episode of B-School offers valuable lessons that will resonate with anyone looking to make their mark in the business world — from how to make long-lasting connections to identifying and meeting customers’ needs.

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