Okay, so you’re an artist. How do you make $?

With the boom of social media, artists don’t need galleries to survive anymore. Here’s how not to become "the starving artist."
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Meet Alannah Tiller. She’s a talented artist who transformed her passion for art into a thriving business — and now, she’s a CEO, too. From dreaming of a simple gallery show to becoming a recognized artist at Cannes in France, Alannah’s story is nothing short of remarkable. Tracking the pivotal moments in her career, Alannah explains how she ultimately scaled her passion into a successful company.

But her path to success wasn’t without challenges. There were highs: an unexpected surge in sales after a viral video sparked mass interest in her work. There were also notable lows, including a scary decision to pause her business operations to prepare for growth. Ultimately, transparency with her customers became the key to maintaining their unwavering support during this crucial phase.

Whether you’re an artist seeking recognition or an entrepreneur aiming to turn your passion into a profitable venture, Alannah’s journey imparts practical tips on scaling your business, embracing the power of social media and online platforms, and the importance of leaning on the expertise of others.

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