MasterClass co-founder explains the secret to standing out in any industry

How you position your business is as important as the idea itself. MasterClass co-founder Aaron Rasmussen reveals why.
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Aaron Rasmussen, co-founder of MasterClass and CEO of, discusses the critical concept of positioning for a successful business. He emphasizes that effectively conveying your business idea to people is as important as the idea itself.

Positioning involves distilling the complexity of your business into a single point that grabs people’s attention. This process is crucial in a crowded marketplace to stand out. He outlines steps to develop a strong positioning: list features, narrow down to a single position, and find the right way to present it.

Aaron’s experience with demonstrates the power of pinpointing a compelling aspect — affordability due to eliminating commute costs — and using it to attract customers. Ultimately, positioning requires answering the question of why your business should exist. This video provides actionable insights for budding entrepreneurs to effectively position their business and create a distinct identity in the market.

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