How mechanics can prepare for the electric revolution

Electric vehicles are selling at record highs. Here’s how mechanics are adapting.
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What if the rumbling engine of classic cars like the Porsche 912 could be replaced with the smooth hum of a Tesla electric engine? That’s the service offered by Zelectric, a California-based company that converts classic gas-powered cars into electric vehicles (EVs). 

As the automotive industry accelerates toward a greener future, EV technology is not only powering new cars but also breathing new life into old classics. And as demand is rising for EVs, there is also more demand for skilled technicians who can service the complex software and battery systems that power these 21st-century vehicles. 

Who is going to fill those roles? As Zelectric knows firsthand, mechanics who have experience working on gas-powered cars are in a unique position to transition into these technical and specialized jobs.

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