F*ck a false arrest: How to get out of jail free in NYC

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Late at night on the NYC Subway, he was arrested for the heinous crime…of not having a working subway ticket. Fortunately, he had an ace in the hole – 1-833-3-GOODCALL (1-833-346-6322), New York City’s free lawyer hotline.

In America we all have the right to a lawyer. But news flash: not everyone can afford one, and even fewer have a number memorized for the legendary “one phone call” you get when you’re arrested. Now, in NYC, Good Call is finally doing something about it. They have an easy to memorize toll free number anyone can call when arrested and talk to a free lawyer immediately. In a city where minorities are tired of years of stop and frisk, police brutality and harassment, this goes a long way to leveling the playing field with NYPD cops.

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