How to change the world

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Do you want to change the world? Olivia Leland, founder and CEO of Co-Impact, shares 3 lessons learned from organizations, philanthropists, and social change leaders that move the world forward.

When we think about changing the world, we make a few mistakes over and over again. We think it’s a matter of voting, or giving to charity, or starting a business – but historically, many of the world’s biggest changes have come through collaboration between different groups of people: governments, charities, and businesses. Instead of thinking about how we can make a difference and starting from scratch, we should be finding people who are working on similar ideas in different areas and try to collaborate with them. Instead of insisting on our own solution, we should be listening to people and what they need. When it comes to challenges like polio, it took government action to get it rolled out in the United States, business to produce it and then charities to help make it widely spread in the developing world.

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