One shot recreates younger immune systems, in mice
An antibody treatment designed to revitalize an aging immune system delivers “surprising” results in elderly mice.
How to stop our immune systems from turning on us
From "inverse vaccines" to repurposed cancer therapies, several potential cures for autoimmune diseases are showing serious promise.
Immune cells linked to allergies can kill cancer
The newly discovered cancer-killing abilities of a type of immune cell linked to allergies suggests it could be a new immunotherapy.
Using AI, MIT researchers identify a new class of antibiotic candidates
Using a type of artificial intelligence, MIT researchers have discovered a class of compounds that can kill drug-resistant bacteria.
90% of patients respond to new blood cancer treatment in trial
Israeli researchers have developed a new form of CAR-T therapy effective against multiple myeloma, a plasma cell cancer.
Something found in bats could help us survive infections and inflammation
This protein may help bats survive viral infections and could be the springboard for new anti-inflammatory drugs.
Flu and RSV can fuse into a new kind of virus
In a new discovery, researchers at the University of Glasgow have observed hybrid viruses capable of infecting lung cells in the lab.
Long COVID-19 and chronic conditions after viral infections may stem from an overactive immune response
Understanding the immunological mechanisms underlying long COVID-19 is the first step to addressing a quickly worsening public health problem.