How to spot a deepfake

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Deepfake videos use video manipulation to show people saying and doing things they never have. These engineers are using blockchain technology to separate fact from fiction.

Deepfakes, fake videos generated using artificial intelligence technology, could be the next frontier in misinformation. While news video has historically been the gold standard of veracity, an era where video can be easily created could further erode trust in information and media. Deepfakes of politicians, encounters with police, or sensitive issues could sow division and controversy.

In response, these engineers started Amber, which they describe as a solution to fake video that combines threat detection with an advanced media forensics platform. It’s a complementary technology that can be used both for detecting deepfake videos and authenticating video as being real.

“Amber authenticate” uses the blockchain authentication to fingerprint video as its filmed and write it to the blockchain, so that it can be verified as unaltered later on. “Amber Dectect” uses signal processing and artificial intelligence to identify altered videos.

In this Freethink video, we interview Shamir Allibhai and Roderick Hodgson about their technology.

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