How Oslo’s electric evolution will shock the world by 2030

What if an entire city decided to go electric? This one is. Step into Oslo, Norway.
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What if an entire city decided to go electric? Imagine a place where trams glide silently through the streets, buses hum along emitting no fumes, and even the ferries that cross the waters are powered solely by electricity. 

Welcome to Oslo, Norway, where electrification has become a way of life. Oslo is on a mission to achieve a nearly 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2009 levels. They’re electrifying everything from construction sites to scooters, with a focus on the construction and transportation sectors, which contribute the most to emissions. Electric cars have become the norm, thanks to government policies that incentivize their adoption. Oslo’s ferries are now the world’s first all-electric passenger ferries. 

The city’s determination to tackle climate change is not only inspiring but also raises an intriguing question: Can a single city’s electrification efforts ignite a global movement toward a cleaner, greener future?

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